Nexo Coolers

Who Are Elstat Group

Elstat Group is one of the best-known and decent companies operating in the refrigeration solutions market. It was established in 1996. Current headquarters of the company are located in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. The main staff consists of 51-100 employees. Elstat Group has always sought for innovations to be applied in the services and products they offer. The company’s solutions are known for its capabilities of providing a different kind of information for the cooler. The latter is known as nexo smart cooler solution. As it was mentioned above, innovation has always been the main priority for Nexo (a brand company of Elstat Group). The application of the latest novelties has lead to some great achievements:
60% energy savings;
data that provides information about the opening hours of stores;
data that provides information about the usage and maintenance of the cooler.
In 2016 Elstat Group started a partnership with Bosch. Thus, the company aimed to secure guarantees for its successful development in future.

Why Connected Coolers are Called Intelligent Equipment

Connected coolers are often referred to as “intelligent equipment”. The nexo connected coolers by Nexo are able to secure data and stats in order to attract more brand advocates and to connect all customers into one emerging society.
The emphasize here is also on the network, everyone participates in that connected world of sharing data. IoT (Internet of Things) also plays a big role as it is related to the things you mostly use in your daily round – watches, cars, phones…and it will facilitate the cooling of your everyday Coke. Through the application of nexo connected coolers, you will enter into a brand new IoT world of hi-tech standards. Elstat brand cares for your necessities and provides a solution for the future. Nexo connected coolers focus on several key issues – asset control; technical diagnostics; sales performance and consumer engagement. Perhaps the latter is the reason why connected coolers are called “intelligent equipment”.

What Does Smart Cooler Solution Mean

Smart cooler solution of Nexo is an innovative product that includes several services – service management, asset management, sales management, inventory management. As a part of Elstat Group, the company delivers an end-to-end solution for the cold drinks industry. Service management, in particular, focuses on reducing service costs by constant observation of the technical condition of your cooling equipment. Moreover, you can reduce as well the call-out costs, extend the life of the coolers and use Nexo application for providing a different sort of data.

What Is Smart Cooler

An ordinary cooler is able just to cool your drink while its smart alternative is able to do a lot more. Nexo is aiming to transform the current cooler equipment into a smarter product that can bring different sort of data for product inventory, real-time sales and track performance. By turning the latest innovation into the main pillars of the production line, Elstat Group has achieved incredible market results during the last couple of years. The maintenance of an army of smart coolers by application of the nexo smart cooler solutions is the main mission of the company.

What is Nexo Discovery

Cold Drinks industry has been using successfully for many years the hi-technology services and support of Elstat. The latter includes the application of the latest novelty in this business niche – Nexo IoT solution. Known also as “Nexo discovery solution” – it has contributed greatly for the currently leading position of Elstat brand – Nexo. Nexo discovery solution secures a variety of decisions in:
hardware (provided connectivity of devices and sensors for securing data for coolers);
applications (providing information for real-time sales);
business intelligence;
consulting programmes.
Nexo discovery creates a totally new perspective for the business by enhancing and applying the latest technology. Thus, Nexo has found a solution on how to stabilize their market performance. Latest IoT business practices have been implemented in order to increase the operational and commercial productivity. Nexo discovery solution offers as well a great functionality and high utility of the applications in order to meet all customers’ requirements.

What will be the Business Impact

Nexo discovery solution has a tremendous impact on the business. By implementing the latest IoT novelties, the company Nexo has delivered great support to its highly-demanding customers. Technology and business have always worked in close collaboration but in Nexo they work in a perfect symbiosis. By locating and managing the equipment, reducing the costs and showing data for real-time sales, nexo discovery is simultaneously the present and the future of IoT business. There are some approximate stats in relation to the impact on business – saved costs in around of 70$ per cooler, superb ROI (return on investment), constant increasing of the connected coolers within the last 24 months.

What Cooler Solution Made Nexo the Winner of Product of the Year

Nexo – an Elstat brand has been awarded the title “IoT Product of the Year”. The ceremony where Nexo lifted the IoT trophy took place in London at the annual Computing Big Data Excellence Awards. Penetrating fierce competition from various industrial niches, Nexo has been named the winner as the Elstat brand managed to impress the judges by delivering solutions for an immediate boost of sales and optimizing the working process. For many years, Elstat has been a well-established name in the cold drinks industry but recently with the application of Nexo cooler solution – Nexo Discovery. The company has gained a significant advantage beyond its main competitors due to the ability of proper management of product assets; real-time provision of data to retailers and other IoT high-standards solutions.

What are the IoT Benefits for Consumers

The development of IoT technology has inevitably brought some strong benefits for the consumers. Nexo coolers are the pillars of the company’s new business strategy for conquering the beverages sector along with the digitising the market spot through establishing a connected community. The partnership between Coca Cola and Nexo has already provided benefits for all shareholders, employees and consumers as well. The ally has been a strategic business decision that will bring the innovation solution of nexo coolers to the next level of development. One significant advantage for the consumers would be the fact that namely Coca Cola is going to secure the benefits of IoT directly to them. Just imagine that nexo coolers have the ability to detect humidity, temperature, checks for door’s openings, optimize the shelf positioning of drinks in the cooling equipment.

Q: Why you should choose Nexo Coolers

A: Choosing Nexo coolers will bring you an immediate advantage and will leave behind your competitors in the long-term period…

Q: How nexo works

A:One of Nexo main objectives has always been to find a connected cooler solution for the businesses to improve their financial performance, customer service and to optimize the whole working process.


Q:What is Nexo Connected Devices

A:In the current year (2019) seven million nexo connected coolers have been installed worldwide. That constitutes for the leading role of Elstat Group and Nexo in the highly competitive food and beverage POS market.