Connected Coolers

What are the Benefits from IoT

The knowledge of how to implement successfully IoT into our business routine is essential to survive in this wild world of corporative values. As part of a well-established and exemplary brand as Elstat Group, Nexo had not waited but quickly introduced the IoT (internet of things) novelties into their hi-tech connected coolers. Thus, Nexo has started to gain benefits and to expand its influence in the cold drinks industry. The benefits of implementing IoT novelties could be best described in the following business activities – real-time capturing of data from fridges to further analysis in Nexo cloud at a cost-effective price; adding value to your business through cloud storage and cloud computing power; Nexo connected coolers provide the premises for real-time insights that could drive the sales immediately and the whole business will benefit from it.

What is IoT Business

Within the next few years, over 100 billion devices will be in connection to the Web. The constant development of data collection and processing in recent years have been the key factors for the fast-growing collaboration between IoT (Internet of Things) and the business. You could not even dream of being a leader of a modern company if you do not dare to think of implementing the latest novelties in IoT business at whatever price the investments could be. There is no doubt that IoT creates new business opportunities that should be taken at the exact moment. The postponement of investments in IoT business could ruin a company within a very short amount of time.

How Nexo Maximizes Investments

Cold drinks sector has always been the main priority for Elstat Group. To achieve sustainable growth, brand recognition and return of the investments, Elstat Group brand – Nexo coolers dedicated much time, thousands of efforts, the invaluable experience and knowledge of the managing team. During the last few years as a result of the fast-evolving IoT business, Nexo coolers were launched to improve the Nexo connected devices providing additional quality and bringing them to a new era of IoT business.
The company’s secret of maximizing their investments lies in the application of Nexo analytics solution. In short, the success of Nexo solution is due to the fact it focuses on 4 essentials:
asset management (it deals with the reduction of loss and write-offs by checking the location of the Nexo coolers);
service management (it deals with the reduce of the maintenance cost of your nexo connected devices);
sales management (it deals with boosting of your cold drink sales);
inventory management (it deals with gaining control of your cooling equipment).
By maintaining all 4 essentials, Nexo solution makes an immediate influence on your business and facilitates the return of your investments as soon as possible.

What is Nexo Connected Devices

In the current year (2019) seven million nexo connected devices have been installed worldwide. That constitutes for the leading role of Elstat Group and Nexo in the highly competitive food and beverage POS market. The implementation of the latest nexo solutions brought the brand on the top of the cold drinks industry. As part of Elstat Group, Nexo coolers struggles to offer a great variety of services to meet all customers’ needs. The portfolio of nexo connected devices offers different products such as displays, controllers, thermostats, tacks, hubs, etc. All of them represent the idea of successfully applied IoT business novelties and accomplishing the high criteria for nexo coolers products.

Why You Should Decide Which Coolers to Evaluate, and Which Period to Look at

“Time period” is an essential expression when it comes to your cooler planning. Do you evaluate your nexo coolers on a monthly or weekly base? Be sure that all activities and operations in cooler planning, as well as the proper usage of data, can be optimized. Checking your temporal data from time to time is important in order to find unusual circumstances and faults. Periodically observation should take a regular place in cooler planning agenda.

Are There any Standards for IoT

There are too many existing IoT standards that you can easily get confused. At first, it is crucial to decide your own demands and preferences for IoT standards. Afterwards, when your list is checked, you can search for options. You don’t need to choose between one or two standards. It is important to see what each of them could offer you as additional benefits and then pick the one that most fills your criteria. You should know that IoT standards are evolving and have a limited life cycle. That means if you wait too long, you will skip the market benefits. There are no centralized IoT standards currently. In fact, the majority of IoT devices rely on their own patented technology. And that is not coincidental. IoT suppliers tend to think of the market as a golden hen. It is their main priority to promote their own IoT technology in order to gain bigger market shares. So, no standards are needed here. The more wide-spread your technology is, the bigger the influence you will have in IoT sphere. Here is a list of some well-known IoT standards:

      • IEEE 802.11ah;
      • Bluetooth Smart;
      • Z-Wave;
      • ZigBee;
      • 6LoWPAN;
      • ULE;
      • Thread;
      • AllJoyn;
      • OIC;
      • IIC;
      • ITU SG20;
      • IEEE P2413;
      • Apple HomeKit.

Q: Which Big Brand Name They Work With

A: Nexo is an Elstat Group brand that works in close collaboration with worldwide and well-established partners as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Sigma, Carlsberg, ABInBev, Cervepar, Metalfrio Solutions….

Q: What is nexo connected cooler solutions

A: Nexo coolers pay attention to the previous well-known problems of the old generation chilling boxes.

Q: How Nexo Works

A: Nexo offers connected cooler solutions for your food and beverage cooling equipment. As a part of Elstat Group Nexo coolers pay attention to the previous well-known problems of the old generation chilling boxes.