Connected Cooler Solution

What are Nexo Connected Cooler Solutions

As a brand of Elstat Group, Nexo has always been focused on finding a solution for optimizing operational efficiency and boosting the company’s sales. The benefits for Nexo as well as for the other participants in the market relationships should be mutual, win-win solutions. Nexo connected coolers offer a great alternative at reasonable prices to a market full of ordinary and inconvenient goods. Nexo has successfully applied coolers solutions that deal with the control and segmentation of your marketing equipment (by individual, geographical and brand indicators). To maximize your returns and investments, there are different recommendations for the proper maintenance and usage of connected coolers equipment as well as useful feedback about the behaviour of your customer base. Nexo coolers solutions are applied via 4 essential types of management:
asset management;
service management;
sales management;
inventory management.

What is Nexo Service Management

Service management is one of the cornerstones of Nexo analytics solution. It deals with several main processes that best describe the essence of service management – control and maintenance of the coolers’ equipment; establishing a communication channel between the application and portal; constantly communicating with the Service Engineer; storing different media from the Nexo Service app; providing different analysis for the proper work and potential occurrence of faults within the cooler’s equipment. As a part of nexo analytical solution, service management can reduce the costs and impact immediately the coolers’ equipment performance.

How Nexo Works

One of Nexo main objectives has always been to find a solution for the businesses to improve their financial performance, customer service and to optimize the whole working process. The company has found a way how to solve the problem – nexo analytics solution. Through the implementation and proper usage of this analytics solution the business can benefit from:
rapid and sustainable growth in sales;
constant observation and control of your marketing equipment;
analysis of the positive and negative attitude of the customer base.

What is Nexo Sales Management

Sales management is another essential of Nexo analytics solution. It is related to the boosting of sales for the business, obtaining accurate information about the sales in real-time, proposals for changes in merchandising. But also sales management deals with a wider spectrum of activities – providing commercial data (door openings, foot traffic, temperature of beverages); asset utilization (checks if the investment is maximized); observance of retailer actions and check whether he complies with the commercial policy of the company; cooler capacity control; inventory management. As a part of the analytical solution, proper sales management could contribute immediately the business if all the essential actions are applied on time and with constant check-outs.

Why Building an Enterprise IoT Capability is the Solution

The building an enterprise IoT capability was essential for the further development of Elstat brand – Nexo. Currently, half a million IoT devices have been installed, in force to receive and send data. In addition, a new hardware platform has been used to improve the functionality of Nexo Discovery. The platform secures a control, interaction with users, monitoring of potential technical faults in the cooler equipment, activating hi-technology alarms in order to indicate any kind of problem. Commercial data can also be provided – the number of doors openings, controlling the perfect “brand” temperature for any drink and etc.

How Coca Cola Understands the Consumers’ Behaviour

Probably the most recognizable brand on the Planet – Coca Cola will apply the latest novelties of IoT (Internet of Things). The latter will unlock the possibilities of understanding and observing consumers’ behaviour in a far better way that will strengthen their overall brand experience. Through the application of Nexo coolers apps, some hard processes as managing inventory, tracking cooling equipment location and providing information about sales in real-time, will be no longer stated as impossible to control. The main priority for Coca Cola is to facilitate all brand advocates of the company and to understand the consumers’ behaviour as a whole.


Q: What is Nexo Connected Cooler Solutions

A: Nexo offers connected cooler solutions for your food and beverage cooling equipment. As a part of Elstat Group Nexo coolers pay attention to the previous well-known problems of the old generation chilling boxes.

Q: Who are Elstat Group

A: Elstat Group is one of the best-known and decent companies operating in the refrigeration solutions market. It was established in 1996.

Q: What are the Benefits from IoT

A: Nexo had not waited but quickly introduced the IoT (internet of things) novelties into their hi-tech connected coolers