Nexo Connected Coolers is for sale

What is Nexo Connected Coolers

The application of connected coolers is essential for any company to stay competitive in the food and beverage market. By implementing IoT technology, Nexo coolers are a new type of smart coolers that can observe the performance of the equipment constantly via collecting data and sharing it in real-time. The presence of a variety of sensors provides information that salesmen could use to optimize the product placement, maximise on-shelf availability and check for the occurrence of technical faults. Moreover, through the tiny built-in cameras and GPS tracking, the steal of connected coolers is completely impossible.

Connected coolers are essential for the new market requirements and the future increasing of Elstat Group market shares. The IoT technology devices are aiming to provide bright insights for improving customer service by engaging with consumers deeper.

What is IoT Technology

There are numerous definitions about what exactly IoT Technology is as it is a new fast-growing concept. In short, IoT Technology, or Internet of Things Technology could be simply explained as an implication of internet connectivity into everyday objects and personal stuff and thus making enabling them to receive and send data. If the concept is still unclear for you, let’s imagine that you could switch the coffee-machine on through your mobile phone and make some coffee while still surfing on your PC, or turn the cooker on and have a warm meal when you go home. IoT Technology works via enabling Big Data. More precisely, the Internet of Things embraces all smart devices that can receive and send information from a particular environment. For instance, if you own a high-tech umbrella, perhaps its sensors could provide you with information about the weather around you. Isn’t that cool?

Which Big Brand Names They Work With

Nexo is an Elstat Group brand that works in close collaboration with worldwide and well-established partners as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Sigma, Carlsberg, ABInBev, Cervepar, Metalfrio Solutions, Quilmes, Danone, Bonafont, CBN, Cerveceria Chile, FNC, Asahi, Embol, Briket, Criotec, Glacial, Huxford, Imbera, Inelro, Mimet, Andina, Everest, Green Systems, Wysingo, Lucozade Ribena.

What is Nexo Connected Cooler Solutions

Nexo offers connected cooler solutions for your food and beverage cooling equipment. As a part of Elstat Group Nexo coolers pay attention to the previous well-known problems of the old generation chilling boxes.
Our company connected cooler solutions focus on the following key sectors:


    • asset management (reduce of loss and write-offs by checking the location of the smart coolers);
    • service management (reduce the maintenance cost of your connected coolers);
    • sales management (boosting of your cold drink sales);
      inventory management (gaining control of your cooling equipment);
    • consumer engagement (reports on customers’ interaction on POS).

Why You Should Choose Nexo Coolers

Choosing Nexo coolers will bring you an immediate advantage and will leave behind your competitors in the long-term period. What distinguishes Nexo in comparison with the other cooler suppliers is the focus on sales boost, data maintenance, proper cooler equipment and further analysis on all the activities. All acts of nexo company in cooler planning are a guarantee for success.

What distinguishes Nexo Coolers

Many differences make Nexo a leading brand in the cold drinks industry. The company has successfully balanced its performance in purchasing, maintenance of equipment, installation, distribution and further analysis on all these activities. The actions of the Elstat Group brand constitutes for pure perfectionism and applying of highest possible standards in all departments. The main differences between ordinary connected coolers and nexo connected coolers are explained through the focus of the latter to provide useful information for real-time and sales as well as proper maintenance of the equipment. Nexo appreciated as well the feedback or the communication with the retailers.

Why You Should Decide How to Collect Your Data

Two main ways express the process of how data is moved to Nexo Discovery:
bluetooth usage for transferring data through the Nexo application (you can do it either manually or automatically, or give instructions to the employees how to use it);
modem communication (appropriate for banks of coolers in separate locations).
You can attain a deeper knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each way by contacting a representative of our Nexo coolers service team.

Why Do Commission Nexo Controllers Lock Data to Your Ownership

Cooler planning appears to be a hard process, so simplifying it is essential in order to extract the useful data for your nexo coolers.
Decent data management starts with attitude and cooler planning. Your coolers will be detected in Nexo Discovery when being commissioned. The auto-commissioning process of Nexo facilitates the ownership via an immediate link to your account. It this first step of cooler planning is still unclear for you, please, contact a representative of Nexo coolers service team.

Why Coca Cola works with Nexo

Coca Cola has started a collaboration work with Nexo as both companies have found benefits in their new mutual initiative. The cold drinks leader – Coca Cola is focusing on deploying the IoT nexo connected coolers and thus, trying to explore the consumers’ behaviour in a far better way. The new business partners are implementing the latest innovations in the sphere such as:

    • controlling the cooling equipment constantly;
    • observing the number of openings/closings of nexo coolers’ doors;
    • providing real-time information about sales and consumers’ behaviour.

Q: What are Nexo Connected Cooler Solutions

A: As a brand of Elstat Group, Nexo has always been focused on finding a solution for optimizing operational efficiency and boosting the company’s sales.


Q: What are the Benefits from IoT

A: Nexo had not waited but quickly introduced the IoT (internet of things) novelties into their hi-tech connected coolers.


Q: What is Nexo Service Management

A:  To maximize your returns and investments, there are different recommendations for the proper maintenance and usage of connected coolers equipment as well as useful feedback about the behaviour of your customer base.